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Check out some of my favorite tips and tricks to stay on track with your fitness goals through all the ups and downs of a busy life

You can find plenty of fitness gurus on Instagram and Facebook eager to tell you how to get skinny thighs or six-pack abs. However, their impressive photos and celebrity testimonials may be misleading.

How can you distinguish between fitness myths and reliable facts? Start with discovering the truth about these 5 common claims.

Weight loss can be a constant challenge. You’re always looking for small changes you can make to your current lifestyle in order to have the best results. You’ll be glad to discover that this strategy of small actions really can help you lose weight faster and keep it off!

Whether you’ve been struggling with weight loss or you’re looking for additional ideas that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle to help you maintain a lower weight, these micro improvements can help.

Why is it that some people find it so easy to exercise and eat a healthy diet while so many others struggle? The short answer is MINDSET.

If you view yourself as someone that can’t follow a diet, you’ll find it very challenging to eat well.

If you see yourself as a person that doesn’t go to the gym, it will be a struggle to find your way to the gym with any consistency.

Anyone who has ever tried to eat healthy feels cravings for their guilty pleasures from time to time. Eating healthy can be tough, but there are ways to make it less stressful.

You often stack the deck against yourself and don’t even realize it. Here are a few hacks to set you up for success with your nutrition goals.

Do you find it hard to fit fitness into your busy schedule? The truth is you are not alone, as this is a common challenge for many people. Balancing a full time job, a family or countless other priorities makes it hard to find time to work out. But it's important to make time for yourself, and fitness is a great way to do that. In this post, I'll give you a few tips for incorporating fitness into your busy schedule. Stay tuned!

Are you a morning exerciser, or do you prefer the night owls club? Which time of day is the best for getting your workout done? Get ready to learn the science behind the best time to train. Understanding how and when your body works optimally can help you hit your desired goals faster. I'll dive into all there is to know about optimizing training and why timing matters, so read on!

Back to School: How to make it a Great Year

Whether you are a student or the parent of a student, you likely have one thing on your mind as the new school year begins: academic performance. From kindergarteners to graduate level college students, concentration and learning are critical and directly related to how successful the year is and how bright the future looks career wise.

A CHAMPION has the courage to risk failure, knowing that setbacks are lessons.

A CHAMPION uses each day to gain greater self-knowledge for improvement.

A CHAMPION trains their body and thought processes to achieve desired results.

A CHAMPION understands their weaknesses and trains to strengthen them.

A CHAMPION actively pursues balance, moderation and simplicity to improve their life.

A CHAMPION views every obstacle as an opportunity to improve.

A CHAMPION understands the journey is not linear, and they embrace both the good and the bad.

A CHAMPION finds pleasure in the fact that it isn't always "easy".

A CHAMPION has vision...they believe in the possibility of their loftiest goals.

A CHAMPION lives with the mantra "I CAN AND I WILL!"

Are you ready to be a CHAMPION?