5 Habits That Fit & Healthy People Practice Daily

Why is it that some people find it so easy to exercise and eat a healthy diet while so many others struggle? The short answer is MINDSET.

If you view yourself as someone that can’t follow a diet, you’ll find it very challenging to eat well.

If you see yourself as a person that doesn’t go to the gym, it will be a struggle to find your way to the gym with any consistency.

These 5 habits will help turn you into someone who’s naturally fit and healthy:

1. Make healthy choices and recognize them as such:

The best way to think of yourself as someone that makes healthy choices is to practice making those choices regularly.

Whenever you make a healthy choice, call it out! Make yourself aware of the victory you just achieved: “I prepared my lunch for 3 days." or "Today I was one of those people that went to the gym even though it was raining.”

Look as health & fitness as part of your identity. The behaviors that support that belief will start to occur naturally.

2. Consider the impact of each decision on your overall health & fitness.

Most people make food choices based on what they feel like eating or what they have a taste for at that moment. Try thinking about your blood pressure or your energy level before you decide what to eat. When you're out, think about how you can find ways to get in more steps, etc. When faced with options, ask yourself, “Which option best supports my health and fitness?”. When you begin asking this question, you’ll begin the process of changing your mindset.

3. Do your grocery shopping the way a healthy person would.

Before you head for the grocery store, make a list of everything you want to buy. Review that list and ensure that you’re making healthy choices.

Look for alternatives to those items that don't support your goals. Consider the ration between whole foods and processed foods in your cart before you checkout.

Stick to your list. The only reason to stray from your list is if you remember something that you need. Avoid the temptation to pick up anything that fails to support your health.

4. Make time for exercise.

Avoid the mindset of, “I’ll exercise today if I have time.” Make time in your regular schedule for exercise. Plan out your week and decide when and where you’re going to work out. You can certainly arrange for 30 minutes of exercise a few times each week.

5. Use affirmations.

Write five affirmations that show your commitment to your health and spend a few minutes each day reciting them.

Here are a few examples:

● I consider the impact every decision I make has on my health.

● I make my health a priority.

● I find it easy to stick to a healthy diet.

● I love to exercise and keep my body fit and healthy.

● My mind and body want to be healthy.

Possessing a mindset that supports your goals is a critical part of becoming a healthier person. We consistently live up to our expectations and beliefs about ourselves. If you believe you’re one of those people that eats poorly and can’t stick to an exercise routine, any effort to change this reality will be a tremendous struggle.

If you can develop the mindset of a healthy and fit person, you’ll become healthier and fitter. You couldn’t stop yourself from making progress even if you tried. Change your mindset and your life will change, too.

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A CHAMPION has the courage to risk failure, knowing that setbacks are lessons.

A CHAMPION uses each day to gain greater self-knowledge for improvement.

A CHAMPION trains their body and thought processes to achieve desired results.

A CHAMPION understands their weaknesses and trains to strengthen them.

A CHAMPION actively pursues balance, moderation and simplicity to improve their life.

A CHAMPION views every obstacle as an opportunity to improve.

A CHAMPION understands the journey is not linear, and they embrace both the good and the bad.

A CHAMPION finds pleasure in the fact that it isn't always "easy".

A CHAMPION has vision...they believe in the possibility of their loftiest goals.

A CHAMPION lives with the mantra "I CAN AND I WILL!"

Are you ready to be a CHAMPION?